Friday, 5 September 2014

some of the hat crimes perpetrated by the sex and the city franchise

This could very easily become a series of its own, but unfortunately I only thought of doing it towards the end of my binge-viewing of the show. 

Yes Samantha, you may well grimace. A misshapen, hot pink, camouflage print trilby.
Carrie, this hat is gross. It looks like a bad child's punishment. And why is Aleksandr Petrovsky allowing this? 
 Carrie worried this hat was "too much", but actually should have been worrying that it was "too hideous".
And one good hat thrown in on the end - Samantha perfectly accessories her hair loss with a stetson cap, cleavage and lots of fur. (Note: Although some of Samantha's chemo cover-ups could generally be classified as hat crimes, I wasn't sure if that was a bit cruel - although I'm pretty sure it's what Samantha would have wanted. PS, her in a pink wig for Smith's premiere was one of my favourite Samantha style ~moments~.)

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