Thursday, 30 October 2014

"empties" (rubbish) #2

Aloe Lip Care from The Body Shop. This lip balm is very very good and I have nothing bad to say about it. I think it is better than Nuxe Reve de Miel (audience gasps). The only reason I haven't immediately repurchased it is because I want to finish up a few more Body Shop things and then I can do a big order with some sort of online discount code.
On the subject of lip balm, can you tell that I have a dog? I bought this at poundland during a particularly broke time in my life and it was very good and fine. The reason I prefer the Aloe one if that this gives stingy lips, which can be distracting when you're trying to get to sleep, so it only works during the day.
Although this eye cream was a sample, I'm including it because it lasted for about nine months. I also finished the Superfacialist Neroli eye cream but I accidentally threw it in the bin because I forgot that I was taking photos of my rubbish nowadays (sorry). To be honest, every eye cream I've ever tried seems to be the same, that is to say alright. 
Finished the Dr. Jart Waterfuse BB Cream. My emotions about this went up and down, but overall I do think I liked it. The thing is, it claims to be really moisturising, but I found it looked really bad over dry bits. So it only works sometimes for me. At the moment I'm really over wearing anything on my skin except concealer where I need it. I like the look of a bare face as opposed to a "bare face". But if I ever want a light-base-with-spf product again, I probably would get this. If you do want to buy it, wait until Boots do the one-third-off premium skincare that they do a couple of times a year. Then it ends up costing £12 for 50ml, and "cheap" BB creams are usually around £8 for 30ml, so it works out and you'll get a much better product for your $$$. #tips
I'm throwing away this Seventeen On the Spot concealer because it's nearly done and I think it's gone wrong. This is a bit of a weird thing. I did find a way to use it that I like, which was applying it on bare skin with a fluffy brush and not wearing anything else over it. It doesn't have very much coverage and I think it only comes in the shade medium, which is a bit dark and a bit grey toned. Won't repurchase because it's not a necessary thing in my life.
This is a very gross Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, it isn't finished but it needs to go because it is old and possibly rancid. I'm not buying this again. It covers up all your problems, but it comes at a cost: the problem area is replaced by lifeless, matte, clay-like skin. It's a personal preference, but I'd prefer to accept the blemish and look like a human being. 
Finally, here are two mascaras, which in all honestly were almost exactly the same. All the L'oreal waterproof mascaras are very good if you like that sort of thing, but for right now I'm more into wearing a cheap (£1) brown mascara so it looks like I'm not wearing mascara but I'm just a pretty princess naturally. But if I do decided I want some serious spiky lashes in the future, I'd go for one of these (probs the False Lash Telescopic, bc the ad campaign for the Miss Manga really annoyed me for no reason).

I don't know if this is boring or good or what. I like doing them so I can talk about what I like and don't with a sense of purpose, also I enjoy documenting the finishing of things because it's important to celebrate every accomplishment in life. I guess if you think these are boring then don't read them? I don't really know who is reading this anyway apart from Lil (hi Lil), and myself, and I might as well do what I like right? BYE X

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

the clumpoes

If there's one thing that will instantly sell me on a pair of shoes, it's clumpiness. Firstly, as someone who falls over a fair amount, I think it's beneficial to have something heavy on the end of each leg to anchor them to the ground. Secondly, although I am already what would commonly be called a 'tall girl', an extra few inches makes all the difference. My clumpiest pair take me to about six foot three, and make me feel POWERFUL. Another reason for this power, is the innate knowledge in my head that I could, if it came to it, deliver a very painful kick in the balls. I know I'm always banging on about Murakami, but I really love his ball-kicking analogy in 1Q84. "The number of people who could deliver a kick to the balls with Aomame’s mastery must have been few indeed. She had studied kick patterns with great diligence and never missed her daily practice. In kicking the balls, the most important thing was never to hesitate. One had to deliver a lightning attack to the adversary’s weakest point and do so mercilessly and with the utmost ferocity—just as when Hitler easily brought down France by striking at the weak point of the Maginot Line. One must not hesitate. A moment of indecision could be fatal." Not that I often (or indeed, have ever) delivered such a kick, but it's nice to be secure in the knowledge that you could. Here is a tour of my favourite clumpoes.
These are from a charity shop in south London and they cost £10!! These are relatively flat and I think they are actually made for a man.
My next pair of clumpoes I got in the summer, and are from New Look (which is not very cool, but I am afraid it is the truth). These were the shoes that introduced me to the fact that a clumpy heel doesn't come at the sacrifice of comfort. I wore these on my 21st birthday and managed to keep them on through ten pints of prosecco and an enthusiastic dance of the charleston. They did break once but I managed to fix them using superglue and a blunt knife.
Now onto the clumpoes that you can still purchase for your very own! (if you want to copy me, which I can totally understand / respect.) These are from H&M and I completely bought them by accident. I went in with Alex to buy him some jeans, he left me unsupervised for five minutes and look what happened. Anyway, I regret nothing because 1) they are very comfy and 2) when I wore these, two sassy south London girls pointed at me and said "look at her shoes" to each other. Job done. Available here.
Finally, the clumpoes of my actual dreams. I know these were an "unnecessary" purchase, but they can be justified. Firstly, they are all black with no metal on them anywhere so they go with everything. Secondly, these actually are my ideal pair of shoes - part school-girl and part construction worker, with a touch of "cool-fashion-girl". They are also very comfy, which is either a running theme for all clumpoes, or a running theme for me. They are from Topshop and are available here.

Clumpoes forever!!!!