Thursday, 26 November 2015

how to do makeup when you really weren't expecting to have to.

Far too often in my life, I end up somewhere surrounded by people I actually want to impress, during a situation where I wouldn't mind looking somewhat nice, without any of the tools to make that pipe dream come true. And in case you're thinking that means I live a very exciting and fast paced life, what I really mean is quite often I have to go out into the world and be sociable when I don't have any of my makeup with me - usually because it's on a different floor of my house. My house has three floors, so it is a genuine annoyance to forget something in my bedroom (#humblebrag, but not really because I live with my parents). Anyway, my point is, when you're as lazy as me, sometimes not moving wins out over applying the correct makeup. Luckily (and probably for this very reason), I carry a permanent pouch with me, and recently I've been ingeniously finagling a full makeup routine out of its meagre contents. Here is how.  

Of course, this is based off of stuff which I carried around knowing I liked, so it isn't really that impressive. But at least it works as a proof that I am correct in my pouch choices - take that, haters! And non-haters, these products can be edited and switched to your hearts content. My point is, you can do a reasonable job of makeup using things you have lying around, not for their intended use. Behold.

First: brush your hair, you look like Father Christmas. I like this Denman brush more the more I use it - it smooths out tangles without giving that unattractive "recently-electrocuted" vibe. Next, use your emergency concealer on any emergency zones. I've actually really been liking this Maybelline Super Stay one I got in America, but sod's law, you can't get it in England. The Collection Lasting Perfection one is pretty similar though, I reckon. I then highlight with the RMS Living Luminizer - a very expensive and very tiny shiny balm. I hesitate to reccommend this because it does seem like a stupid thing - except I use it pretty much every time I do makeup and it seems, to me, undupeable. The tiny pot has lasted me about two years and is more than half full, too. However, if you are a bit more sensible that me, a greasy, glowy face cream works really nicely as a natural highlighter - the Weleda Skin Food is ace for this, and it also feeds your hungry face which is nice. Spray over your finished "base" with some sort of facial mist - the ELF one is fine, but I am and always have been an advocate for normal rosewater, dispensed into a spray bottle.

Now to accessorise your face. The Sleek Candy Tint Balm in Marshmallow walks the fine line between natural lips and pink lips. After applying this, I dabbed a touch onto my cheeks, too, as a matching blush. I put some of the Skin Food on my eyelids to act as the most natural iridescent shadow ever, which making my eyelids look very moist and smooth - sounds disgusting, looks maybe ok? Finally, something I was perhaps overly proud of, I dipped the spoolie I always carry (pinched from Lush - don't tell) into some more Skin Food and combed it through my eyebrows. Voila - clear brown gel and a clever avoidance of the Count Olaf look. Easy makeup, made easy - and made even easier by the fact I could do it all while still sat on my arse watching MTV's Are You The One? I am, indeed, proud of myself.

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