Sunday, 13 March 2016

hairy eyebrows 2

Hi GUYS! I am not proud of myself in many respects (lazy, annoying, lazy, bad at lists etc.) but I am very proud of my eyebrows. They are a long term project and, let's face it, a great achievement. Anyway, I did something new just literally now and decided it was so life (brow) changing I wanted to shout about it immediately. Ok, listen up. I saw someone doing this and immediately forgot who but remembered it: put mascara primer through your eyebrows! Think about it, it's all about emphasising hairs on your face (probs would work quite well for lackluster moustaches too, but I unfortunately cannot attest). A layer of the ELF one which I bough on Amazon because it has pretty good reviews on makeupalley, works well as a sort of setting brow gel thing. It looks white on the wand but one coat doesn't look white in the eyebrows. BUT, here is the piece de resistance. You can build up a couple of layers for loads of brow volume and then lightly colour over the top with a brow "pomade" or powder or whatever. The primer makes the colour really stick to individual hairs, maintaining that attractive hairy quality that I strive for. (I do like an "instagram brow" in theory, but it looks too "done" on my scruffy face.) I have been using ELF's Lock on Liner and Brow Cream in Medium Brown, and I have to say it's pretty ace: v good cool-toned colour and long lasting. To avoid them looking drawn on, I have stopped using precise angled brushes, and just use something like the ELF smudger brush. For some reason, every single product I want to talk about today is from ELF, but I bought them all myself and everything. I just bought cheap stuff because this was all an experiment, and I do think ELF does good quality for not much $$$£$££$, plus has an extensive range. But you don't need to buy any of these things, just trust me and try putting mascara primer in your eyebrows. I am so happy with this whole thing, I just want to go out and make expressive faces at strangers.
Care-wise: still on the castor oil thing. I haven't got any empirical evidence, but I do think it works. And if you're tempted, I would highly recommend buying an empty mascara tube on eBay or something. Makes application of oil directly above your eyes much more pleasant. While on my ELF spree I repurchased the Treat & Tame, too. This is a good lazy-man's option for encouraging brow growth and sticking them in place, in one handy and transportable package.
(Note: an update on this great post.)

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