Sunday, 30 November 2014

i knitted two jumpers

I have always known how to knit and have used my skills to make some very amusing gifts for friends (I made Tom Glencross a hat with a bobble the size of a baby's head which I am particularly proud of). But my whole life I never thought I could actually knit a full garment which I would actually wear. If you are in the same position, eg. have only ever made scarves / hats / blankets, then I am here to tell you: jumpers are not hard. And they give you an excuse to watch an entire season of MTV's "Are You The One?" in a day (guilty as charged).
 Here is the first one I did. The picture isn't great but it is a really nice khaki colour with a bit of dimension. This was really easy, it was knitted in one piece wrist to wrist. I followed a Kaffe Fassett pattern but changed it quite a lot, making it wider, with a smaller neckline and thinner sleeves. 
 And here is me wearing the jumper, where the colour looks a lot better. I was very proud of myself and am now officially a "knitter". That means, I always have a project on the go, and I am genuinely contemplating buying a "knitting bag".
After my triumph with jumper #1, I decided I could do a proper jumper made of four whole pieces. And even this wasn't too hard! I used a pattern from ravelry, which is a website my mum uses for pattern sharing, but again I changed it a lot. I am very glad that I did the bottom of it how I did, it has a border and side splits and I think it has a really nice effect. This is in a lovely beige / camel colour with black flecks. 
Here it is on. I am so cool and clever at knitting.
If anybody wants I can definitely share the patterns I used (made up) then I would be more than happy to share, but I'm under the impression that to most people it would just be nonsense taking up space in my (otherwise aesthetically immaculate- har har) blog. But maybe even if you don't like these exact designs, this could inspire ya. Knitting is very fun and completing little projects is very good for my mental wellbeing, and then at the end you have a new and very warm and relatively inexpensive jumper!

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