Saturday, 29 November 2014

stylish boys

Here are some photos of boys, ones who I like anyway for their work and their personalities (and usually for their hansy-ness), but also for their fly clothes.
Here is something I have loved for about four years, Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes wearing a khaki felt cape with black fur lining. This is literally all I have ever wanted from an item of outerwear and have never found. I think I could actually make this myself with a bit of effort. I couldn't find the original photos of this which I fell in love with, but he did a LOT of twirling about and other cape-related fun. Good Job Coberst.
 Here is Conor again wearing many different shades of black, a "good hat", a bunch of necklaces and a gummy smile. CUTE!
Here is a photo of general fabulousness. Obviously RuPaul looks like everything I've ever wanted to be, but I'm not sure I can really focus on Ru in a post about boy fashion. The purpose of this is to illustrate that, although this is not the point at all, I like the way Kurt Cobain dressed. Stripes, blonde bob, fun sunglasses (fun-glasses), vg.
 Here is another picture I have admired for many years. It's the combination of a million things which works for me. This is what I am trying to emulate when I wear leopard-print, and not "a pimp" which is what Lilly has accused me of looking like.
Matthew Gray Gubler is, imo, the handsomest of all the handsomes. Here he is looking v soft-grunge in a stripey lacoste jumper. Bonus points for it being a polaroid.
Matthew stop it. Put that lower-stomach away. Loving a big stripey jumper and black jeans, cool and understated, particularly when paired with the one-strand-fringe.
Did you know that MGG always wears odd socks because he believes he falls over if he doesn't? This is the sort of mad-thinking I can get on board with. Even though he is wearing corduroy in the photo, which I wouldn't normally condone, he makes up for it with the non-matching dinosaur socks. By the way, you should all follow MGG on instagram, he is very insane and hilarious.

So there are some photos of boys which I like to keep in mind when I get dressed. Bonus Picture of Carson from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (aka the best television show ever).

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