Friday, 30 January 2015

hairy eyebrows

I don't know if it's through over-saturation or what, but I am so over the perfect, Kardashian style, ombre, fifteen-products and one hour of perfecting, "strong brow". My brow goals are set on something higher now, and that thing is a wild, out of control, bordering on unibrow, werewolf look. Perhaps not the prettiest, but certainly easy to maintain, and, in my head they are now the "cool girl" way to wear brows.
It deeply offends me that that creepy makeover guy felt that Princess Mia couldn't be a princess and have werewolf eyebrows at the same time.

I have naturally somewhat ashy, somewhat hairy brows. I've never been much of a plucker because of my lazy sensibilities, and since brows took off in a big way I've been dyeing them on the reg. I use a product from Eyelure called "Dyebrow" (very well done) in the shade black, which isn't black but very dark brown. I get it on Amazon.
 I basically do it when I can be arsed, but they only look properly hairy for about three weeks. Then day to day, I wear brow (or sometimes not brow) mascara ... and that's it! I like the Rimmel Brow This Way (I'm not sure I properly understand this pun), or a brown mascara from a pound shop. I brush them upwards and try to get every hair to maximise werewolf potential.
Left, wearing Rimmel. Right, wearing the £1 brown mascara.
 It's weirdly hard to take a photo of your eyebrows without the rest of your face looking rather too deep in thought about what is essentially facial hair. Notice, new fringe, which acts like a signpost on my face saying "Have you noticed how hairy my eyebrows are?"
Recently I've been experimenting with some cheap American brow options. I bought the e.l.f. eyebrow kit in the lightest shade, which is much lighter than my eyebrows. But I like to apply the shadow with a smudgy brush in an imprecise manner, which acts as a sort of "dry shampoo" in terms of volumising the hairs. I also bought the Tame and Treat thingy, which is pretty cool. One end is a super fibrous mascara which really bulks up the hairy-factor, and the other end has some sort of dubious "vitamin infused gel" to encourage growth. I've only used the gel a couple of times, but I genuinely think the hairs are getting longer and thicker (and even, dare I say it, curlier. Which I know wouldn't be a plus for everyone, but I'm into it). Very impressive. I've heard castor oil also works well for this, but castor oil stinks like the bottom of a shoe. 
I think hairy eyebrows are cute and cool, and a perfect antidote to the crisp, drawn on brows which are bloody everywhere nowadays.

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