Tuesday, 20 January 2015

usa thrifting

There are certain things America just does better than the UK: their dedication to cup holders, plug sockets and cheap enormous coffee (with french vanilla dairy free creamer - hello) is amongst some of the best I've seen. And as you'd expect, the consumer experience here is bigger and better, too. For the most part I try to balance my makeup shopping habits out by sticking to second hand consumerism (because then it doesn't count, right?). Here are some of the things I have found which I am very pleased about.
If you're an avid follower of my instagram you'll have already spied these clumpoes I got for $10. They were originally taller, but because idgaf I cut them off in the ankle area. They lean more towards the "spice girl", retro side of clump, I think because of the flared out platform. Kind of stupid, but I have worn them a lot already because so am I.
 This second pair of shoes was purchased out of necessity during a particularly icy visit to Cambridge. They remind me of those Doc Martens that are a bit different from normal Doc Martens, and I have worn them every day since I got them, because sometimes practical shoes are the practical choice. I think they look especially good with tights and a dress for a Bratz Doll aesthetic.
 After a long period of time off, I am back on the flannel shirt bandwagon! But only when following some rules: 1) no bright colours, 2) must be free flowing and not at all stiff, and 3) can only be worn buttoned all the way up. I am against the tying-around the waist look for reasons I cannot properly justify. Annie Kreighbaum, my idol and namesake (just kidding, my namesake is actually maybe Annie Lennox), said something about only wearing a flannel shirt like you were a teenager skater boy as the best man at his dad's second wedding, which is a position I strongly advocate.
 I am very pleased with this, because I feel like it is the sort of thing you could pretend is "dressy" enough to go on a night out in, but it is really just a box of velvet with a collar. I actually bought this because of a bit in the Grimes video for Oblivion, and also because of all those old photos of Courtney Love. Basically, I think black tops with white collars look very cool and also make all makeup choices (ie lots of makeup or no makeup) look better.
I also bought these Ralph Lauren jeans covered in white flower patterns. I think they are good replacements for boring old non-flowery jeans to make you look like more of a "risk-taker" or even "fashionista" (*throws up*). They don't fit great, (too big, too short, too low-waisted) but for $2 I couldn't leave them behind and I feel confident they are not beyond help (a strong endorsement if ever I made one).
So yes, while charity shopping is good, thrifting is better, and I'm sure this won't be my last session. Lots of love xx

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