Tuesday, 24 March 2015

beauty hoarding

When beauty shopping gets weird - complete with pathetic rationalisations. Proof both that I seriously stand behind these prods with all I have, and that I have some issues.
 Got the Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen, realised I couldn't get it in the UK, so got the Target own brand version for when I run out. This stuff is so bloody good; it's SPF 55 while retaining a lightweight feel on the skin and without interfering with anything else, like a mysterious but well-intentioned neighbour. Backed up both my CeraVe cleanser and moisturiser, because I am so reliant on the two of them. Like two really great mates, they are reaching irreplaceable status. UK guys - you can buy these on Amazon, although they are annoyingly a bit more expensive than from the US "stores".
Found a really great deal on the Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment so got two. This is the first eye cream I've ever had strong feelings for, because it immediately makes my eyes look less dry and crinkly. Because I love using it so much, I'm going through it at a rate of knots, and afterwards I'm considering just using some shea butter as eye cream. It's the top ingredient in the Kiehls and I think it's what gives it such a balmy texture, but shea butter is mad cheap. Got three of the Superdrug Killer Volume Dry Shampoo on a 3 for £3 deal because this is basically the hair product that does everything I need - volume, grease-absorption and hold. Smells like paint flakes but works, and that's what counts really.
 Here's where things get a little bit worrying / embarrassing. Nine different tubes of various-branded 10% benzoyl peroxide gel. I just knew this was a pain in the arse to get in the UK, and it was about $3 a tube in the states, so I let my inner hoarder take over. I'm going to consistently use this for probably a long time, so it makes sense (to me - a crazy person) to have mutliple back-ups. It's easier to sleep at night knowing you have a years supply of benzoyl peroxide - or so the saying goes, right? I also know I will consistently be using rosewater as a setting / facial spray, so I bought 3 to get free shipping on Amazon (#justification). I pour this into a spray bottle and it makes your face glow (or, as my mum says, shine).
So, now I have a pretty signifcant what bloggers would call "stash", and what normal people would call "hoarding problem". It's quite nice knowing I'm set up for the worst case scenario (Amazon ceasing to exist, for example). Now I'm stopping this mad stockpiling before I end up trapped in a room full of lipstick and micellar waters. If anyone else has things squirrelled away for no proper reason, please tell me and make me feel like a rational human being...

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