Wednesday, 4 March 2015

H.G. U.S. drugstore skincare

Are there any words which make me happier than "drugstore" and "skincare"? (Apart from "free" and "gift", I don't think so.) My stay in the US is nearly up, and I wanted to write what will basically be an ode to some of the things I have found here which will be what I will use on my face for a very long time. I'm trying to keep my skincare streamlined and simple because in my heart of hearts I do think that's better, but for me it is an unexpectedly hard task. Obviously there are some extras, but the above photo is pretty much all I'm using. Simplicity is true happiness or something, although I still think true happiness is owning every colour of lipstick you can imagine. 
I watched a YouTube video with Paula Begoun ("Paula" from "Paula' Choice") and she compared the CeraVe Hydrating cleanser to one from Creme de la Mer. I've fallen pretty hard for it. It's the most simple but pleasant cleanser I've used, it goes on like white slime, doesn't smell, doesn't foam, doesn't really do anything. I just rub in onto a dry face and then splash off with warmish water. After using your skin will feel magically softer but not like it's coated with any grease. It seems to hydrate at a deeper level or something, it's seriously impressive. 
The combination of something I'll discuss later and the most serious winter I've ever experienced (the US doesn't fuck around) left me with the driest skin I've had in my life. After being so impressed with the cleanser I got the corresponding moisturser, which again is beautifully plain. It is scentless, which I like because fragrance is superfluous and irritating. I use a whole big pump morning and evening, it seems to properly hydrate without leaving a film and it sits really well under makeup. I think I might actually be over the fancy skincare compulsion which haunted my bank account for years. I don't want products which have big claims and fancy tubs and are a really "luxurious" experience to use. I want things that are plain, simple and do what they say they will in the most undamaging and unproblematic way.
Onto the dry-making culprit whom I would forgive anything, the Clean & Clear Persa Gel. This is a benzoyl peroxide gel-cream. It's a touch drying and irritating (although my skin is getting used to it), but it is scientifically stopping bacteria from breeding inside my skin. It works, and I can't really imagine life without it.
I love SPF, and that might be one of the most boring things I've ever said. Every beautiful old lady ever says use SPF every day, and I trust them. This Clear Face one from Neutrogena is amazing (as amazing as SPF can be). It's factor 55, doesn't irritate my cantankerous skin and goes well under makeup. No complaints whatsoever.
Now when (God, WHEN???) will these amazingly simple, cheap and effective products make the journey to the UK? *drops mic* I feel an emotional attachment to them that is more than just a lustful excitement of a new product. I feel like we're really building a long-term relationship based on trust and mutual respect. The more I learn about these prods the more I like them. They're not the most attractively packaged, but they get me on a deeper level or some other dumb rom-com metaphor.

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