Friday, 11 December 2015

blonde expectations

I have had blonde hair for about two weeks now, which I believe officially makes me an expert. These two weeks have been a pretty steep learning curve, if you call "altering your hair routine" "learning", which I, of course, do. So here are some valuable life (*hair) lessons and observations. Also, I want an excuse to ramble on about my hair, because people in my actual life are getting fed up of me.
First - having blonde hair is ace. It makes whatever boring, pyjama-esque clothes you're wearing look about 80% better. It's like an accessory in itself! Also, it has reinvigorated my lipstick wearing habits (priorities). Instead of being trapped in a nude world, I've been really enjoying "statement lips" again. FUN! Having light and interesting-coloured hair makes getting dressed and doing makeup so much easier. The commitment of blonde upkeep thus balances out, and I am pleased.
Secondly, the battle against yellow is ongoing and difficult. I don't want white or grey hair, but what I do want is a pale and very very cool toned blonde, which is apparently a struggle to achieve. I was asked by my boyfriend the other day, "what would you do if you woke up and your whole hair was one brassy tone?" which I supposed shows how much my hair talk has infiltrated his brain. I've experimented with tons of toners and purple shampoos and dyes and I'm enjoying it as a mini-project
Also, you'll be amazed to hear, bleached hair is very dry and damaged! I bet you've never heard that before! My previous hair was somewhat tangly, but otherwise full of health and vitality. Now I have the equivalent of lots of straw attached to my head. In some ways, I actually prefer my new hair, not least because it actually has volume and holds a style and needs washing so much less. Nonetheless, I have to treat it with a lot more kindness than ever before. Some total saviours are my Aussie Three Minute Miracle, which I use every time I wash and sometimes mix with purple shampoo as a brightening mask, my OGX oil mists (keratin, argan and kukui are all good) and my Denman Small Grooming Brush. I was using the Aussie Leave in Conditioner and I must warn you - I think it is total trash. The second ingredient is alcohol (after water) and all it seemed to do was dry out and tangle my hair. Get the OGX oils instead.
So, overall. If you are thinking about bleaching you hair, I think you should just do it. Everyone told me I shouldn't do it myself and I did and I'm happy with it. Stick it to the man! Know that you'll be at least a bit yellow for a while, stock up on deep conditioner and the Provoke Touch of Silver. Don't brush it while it's wet. And enjoy a new world of rarely having to wash your hair, of actually enjoying your lipstick collection again and of dressing like a total bum and still looking kind of cool.

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